Alfred's Homestead Wedding Garden

Our Beautiful Wedding Garden

Our beautiful wedding garden has many features that can enhance Special and Memorable Photos.

The Gazebo is Central to
                 - the Homestead Cart complete with seating and steps.
                 - a wishing well
                 - a small bridge
                 - a larger bridge
                 - a Fountain
                 - a  Pond
                 - a small waterfall
                 - Cupid
                 - a little touch of the past
                 -  special seating amongst flowers or bush
                 - arches of green
                 - roses galore

This Special Garden is available for hire

The Fee is for 1.5 to 2 hours and it includes.
 - a Red Carpet with White Chairs set on either side leading down to the Gazebo entrance.
 -  the use of a CD Player if required
 -  the use of a Microphone if required by the celebrant
 -  the Homestead would be open for convenience
 -  iced filtered water would be available inside if required.
 -  the use of the area in front of the Fireplace with Chairs set up
amphitheatre style in case of bad weather.

Please Note the Fee is waived if the Wedding Celebration is held at Alfred's Homestead.

          Time of Day        Fee
      10am-12Noon       350.00   
       12pm-2pm           400.00
       2pm-4pm             450.00
       4pm-6pm             550.00


         Time of Day         Fee
       10am-12 Noon      450.00
        3pm-4:30pm        450.00
        4:30pm-6pm        550.00

         Time of Day         Fee
        10am-12 Noon      200.00 
         2:30pm-4pm        300.00
         4pm-5:30pm        350.00

  Ring and Make an appointment to see our Beautiful Wedding Garden in an enchanting  rustic setting.
   03 9844 3013