Angelo Falcone the Pavarotti look-a-like.

Angelo is definitely a Pavarotti impersonator for Not only does he look like
Pavarotti but since he is such an accomplished singer he can even sound like Pavarotti.

Angelo does quite a number of Corporate Shows as Pavarotti and in Sydney 2008 he was
captured on video by a person in the audience.
 We found this Video on Youtube and I thought it would be good to show you here.  Angelo is most
likely,you will agree, the  most exciting of Pavarotti impersonators.

Enjoy Angelo singing Live in Cabaret  Torna Surriento ie the Italian version of Return to sender by Elvis.

Angelo is a Pavarotti look-a-like with a difference-he needs to put on a lot of padding to be
as cuddly as Pavarotti.