Alfred's Homestead FLOOR SHOW

    Angelo is the Floorshow normally at Alfred's Homestead.


Angelo, entertainer extraodinaire, does a 40 minute
   Floorshow on Saturday Nights when he is not doing shows around
   Australia and New Zealand.

    Angelo is not JUST a singer - he is a very exciting Cabaret Performer.

   Angelo can bring life and meaning to any song he presents.
    The quality of his voice surprises and then the total beauty of  his
    interpretation of a song captures the interest of everyone young and old..

    Angelo has an incredible record of cabaret  performances over
    the last 30 years or so. In his early days with music, he was the lead
    quitarist and lead singer of a covers band. Yes. He could floor you
    with his gutsy "Play that Funky music whiteboy" or a Credence
    Clearwater Revival song. His Band did a great job singing songs in 4 part harmony.

    Angelo has always presented love songs. in an extra special way. It is
    amazing that some keen fans have had to come back to buy his first LP
    because they had worn their first record from too much play.
   Also amazing is  the number of fans that have enjoyed his floorshow more
   than 30 to 40  times.

    On so many occasions Angelo has had the audience completely mesmerized.
    Angelo has a very strong powerful voice and yet he can also sing very softly
    and sensitively creating a light and shade that only results in very loud applause.


    Quite often I hear comments about his performance . Most cannot believe the
     beautiful quality of his voice and the warmth and meaning he is able to express
    and still maintain the cleanest of delivery- you can always hear and understand
    every word he sings.

     Angelo has only made  3 CD's - one as the Pavarotti in The 3 Tenors Tribute Show..

      The Music and singing on his CD's is great but alas his live performance
      is definitely a must to
see and enjoy.

     There are a lot of good singers but can they perform in Cabaret.
     It is noteworthy that Angelo has done over 200 Shows
      every year for over 30 years.
     That is over 6000 performances of Angelo in Cabaret.

      In the early years he did as many as 10 Shows in one Week .

      Angelo has so much energy when it comes to singing that he has been able to
      put together 9 Shows - mostly are for corporate functions.
      Below I have the Posters for these 9 Shows :-











      Angelo, as Pavarotti in the 3 Tenors Show, has performed all over Australia and
       New Zealand.
Being a Collingwood Man he has enjoyed performing
      for Collingwood at the MCG 4 times in the recent past.             



      I have for your listening pleasure a little of each song on his 2 personal CD's.
        These CD's are still available and selling.




 his 1st Lp
    Cd Now available.

 Love is a many Splendoured thing.       Volare
 Begin the beguine                                 Come Prima
 Quando quando quando                        I left my heart in San Francisco
 The Love Boat                                      As time goes by
 That's Amore                                         Release Me
  Eternally                                              Love me with all of your heart.


  his 2nd CD

      featuring the following Tracks :

    You Don't Know Me                   Love is All
    Anytime,Anyday,Anywhere       I Could Have Danced all Night
    This is the Moment                     Secret Love
    Around the World / Till              Innamorata 
    Beautiful Maria                          Danny Boy
     Fascination                           Just Say I Love Her
     Tribute to Frank Sinatra :  Come Fly With Me/Witchcraft
                                      I've Got You Under My Skin / Night and Day

      Order a Copy by Phone : (061) (03) 98443013 or
      Fax  (061)(03) 98443623 only $20(Aus)

      Email :



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